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Are you an (aspiring) entrepreneur and looking to sell local marketing services? Let’s partner up. You do the selling, we’ll do the service delivery. Our service includes a personal and committed business coaching program to make sure you excel beyond your wildest dreams.

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Why start selling local marketing?

Local Marketing is a service that generally has the best ROI for starting entrepreneurs. Potential customers are much easier to persuade when the business is local.

Just think about it: Would you rather have your home renovation done by a company that’s a couple of blocks away or a company that is located at the other end of the country? 

Local Marketing generally offers:

  • Better conversion rates from potential customer to lead.
  • Better conversion rates from lead to paying customer.
  • Better budget optimization through narrow scope geo-targeting.

Partner up with LocalPOW, and you'll get:

Direct access to best-in-class local marketers

Resell our service, mark-up the price, start making recurring revenue on autopilot while we do the delivery. You only need to focus on selling and account management.

1:1 Coaching to get you to 4 clients at a minimum

We want you to win. We'll give you access to our best resources to get more clients, teach you selling and entrepreneurship, and guarantee that you'll get to 4 clients at a minimum.

Community access

Luckily, you're not alone. Join our community of partners and help each other grow.

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Two quotes from local marketing partners

How 1:1 coaching wil help you go forward.

Become the hero you aspire to be.

In a fast-paced world, the key to success lies not in endless dreaming or planning, but in decisive action. The mantra “STOP WANTING and START DOING” highlights the necessity of turning dreams into tangible projects. Growth and progress come from embracing challenges and stepping out of comfort zones, as symbolized by “GO FOR GROWTH.” Integrity and honesty, especially with oneself, are crucial, underscoring the importance of matching words with actions.

Taking responsibility for one’s circumstances, instead of assigning blame, is a cornerstone of personal empowerment. Procrastination is a major obstacle to achievement; decisive action is needed to realize goals. Focus is another essential element; divided attention leads to wasted effort. Taking control of one’s life and destiny, rather than being a victim of circumstances, is vital. Lastly, knowledge is only powerful when put into action, and focusing on key tasks is essential for moving closer to one’s goals.

Remove all limiting believes and focus

The first part of our coaching will help you break through your own limiting beliefs, and helps you focus on what matters most. Stop thinking, start taking action. Take a market position that your potential customers love, and ready yourself and business for growth.

Create a business plan

We'll help you create a unique business plan based on your local landscape. We'll help you with mission, vision, unique selling points and promises. We'll help you identify key partners, key target audiences and everything you need to create a successful business foundation.

Turn your plan into a strategy

We'll help you go-to marketing with a solid plan of approach.

Become an expert in sales

You're not going to grow unless you know how to turn a lead into a customer. Learn from one of the best sales mentors, and focus on one KPI: Revenue.

Bi-weekly 1:1 coaching

Every two weeks we'll discuss your progress and help you to get closer to your goals.

Stop wanting, start doing.

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Meet some of your local marketing heroes

Let us help you reach massive success

Whether that’s becoming a local marketing partner or other online marketing tactics that work. 

Why Choose Us

Your complete marketing solution for ad campaigns, SEO and profitable websites/funnels with lead guarantee.

Rest assured that with our team of marketing heroes your side, you can expect nothing less than a profitable and impactful online presence that will elevate your brand to new heights. Choose us for unparalleled confidence in your marketing strategy.

All-in-one marketing solution for 1 monthly fee

You can rest easy knowing that we take care of your whole online presence and lead generation.

Short term profits, long term gains

We set up cost effective funnels from the get go, and create volume and stability as we grow and scale.

No distractions

Our team of marketing heroes specialize in one thing and one thing only: Creating the best local campaigns for lead dependent companies.

The mix that always works

Our four pillars of succes

You should treat your website as an entrance into your sales funnel, that you can then relentlessly sell to. We'll make sure people enter.

People are actively searching for what you have to offer! Rank locally for highly valuable keywords for your business.

Be visible to your target audience with a great offer. Using the most effective social media platform depending on who is most likely to buy from you.

Once you have their email, it's time to keep them in the loop and provide them with valuable content that increases the chance on sales.


What they say about us

At LocalPOW, we pride ourselves on forging genuine partnerships with our clients, delivering results that truly make a difference. But don’t just take our word for it. Hear directly from those who’ve experienced the transformative power of our marketing strategies. Their stories and successes are the best testament to our commitment, expertise, and drive.

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